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Online Seamless Wefts Certification

Online Seamless Wefts Certification
Online Seamless Wefts Certification

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Online Certification


About the event

In this course you learn to apply Hand-tied Extensions & Volume Wefts with the Seamless Wefts Method™. We believe in a secure foundation with a seamless application method designed for maximum comfort and to keep the integrity of the hair at first priority. Our certification program has a high success rate with amazing results for our stylists and their clients due to the focus on small classes with a hands-on approach, as well as the theory implemented behind our method. We want you to fully understand every step of the application & feel confident.

Don't fret by taking the course online. You will get an in-depth demostration video of each step of the process and you will get to play it back with unlimited access. You will also get a full kit sent to your door!

Confucius once said in 451 B.C.,

"What I hear, I forget, what I see I remember, and what I do I understand."

Our application method puts the integrity of the hair first and we believe in a foundation like the foundation of a house, one that needs to be strong and secure. Our foundation is built first by grabbing hair with the correct amount of density and looping that hair in the bead. The beads are then applied in equal distribution to create solid foundation to carry the weight of the hair wefts that are sewed onto the bead. This is very important and crucial to a good and safe installation. We believe in keeping it simple by avoiding any strings or gaps in between beads, which can often cause matting in the hair.​​

In this class we go over all the important parts of successfully implementing extensions to your services:

↠ You learn 2 methods

Original Method & Seamless Method

↠ Theory

↠ Consultation

↠ Difference in Hand-tied & Machine/Volume Wefts

↠ Installation, Blending, and Styling

↠ Toning & Rooting Extensions

↠ Maintenance & Removing Extensions

↠ Pricing & Marketing


↠ 2 Lux Hair Co. 18" Hand-tied Wefts

↠ Mannequin

↠ Extensions Pliers

↠ Removal Pliers

↠ Extensions Comb

↠ Looper

↠ 5 Needles

↠ 10 Metal Clips

↠ 250 Beads

↠ Thread

↠ Training Manual

​(Your kit will be shipped once you have registered)



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