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the method


Seamless Method



Difference in Hand-tied Vs Machine Wefts

Hands-on Install, Blending, Styling

Toning & Rooting

Extensions Maintenance

Removing Extensions



2 Practice Wefts


Extensions & Removal Pliers, Looper

Extensions Comb

C-Needles & Thread

250 Beads

Training Manual

Certificate of Completion


This is a hands-on approach to learn to apply hand-tied extensions with the Seamless Method with a one on one instruction.

We believe in a secure foundation with a seamless application method designed for maximum comfort and to keep the integrity of the hair at first priority at all times. Our certification program has a high success rate with amazing results for our stylists and their clients due to our small classes and learning environment. Our application method puts the integrity of the hair first, we believe in a foundation like the foundation of a house one that needs to be strong and secure. We want you to fully understand every step of the application & feel confident and in this class we go over all the important parts of successfully implementing extensions to your services:​

To register, please send your Full Name and Cosmetology #


Confucius once said in 451 B.C.


"What I hear, I forget, what I see I remember, and what I do I understand"

hands on


Is this a hands-on class?

Yes this is a hands-on class, we believe that having a hands-on approach attributes to the success of our students.

How long is the class?

This is a one day class and the duration is 8 hrs.

What do I need to bring to this class?

Just your favorite pen, we provide you with everything needed for the class.

Do I get a kit?

Yes we provide you with an extensions kit that has everything to set you up for your future extensions clientele.

Should I bring a lunch?

You're welcomed to bring your favorite snacks but lunch is provided.

“The best hands-on class ever!”

— Tammy H.


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